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See our piece on how a wetsuit should fit. As with so many things related to triathlon, getting the right fit is very important to the long-term performance of your purchase.

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Buy New. We are all about being green, and reusing and recycling whenever we can. But when it comes to wetsuits, we think buying new makes a lot of sense. A new wetsuit is yours and yours only. When it comes to other tri gear, especially bikes, we think that buying used can often be a great way to go.

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There are some great discounts to be had on tri gear, no doubt. But if you find something that is just too good to be true, especially if it is not from one of the sources that we list above, be wary.

We know that there are unethical websites who try to make a quick buck by not selling what they advertise, or not ship you the product in the timeframe that they promised. Be sure that you are dealing with a good, reputable vendor and you should have some peace of mind. What Next Once you have found that great wetsuit for the cheap price you are looking for, then it is time to use it. We have a few articles that you might find useful, including our piece on How to Use a Triathlon Wetsuit. This will give you the basics on putting a wetsuit on, caring for it, and what it should feel like. Next, check out our work on Triathlon Swim Training , giving you ideas on how to get the most out of the first leg of your race.

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  • We know that if you can get the right training in place, and augment that with some carefully-chosen pieces of triathlon gear, you will enjoy this sport for years and years as we have. To receive member benefits you must have a valid sheJAMs membership card when redeeming at partners locations.

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    Partners will not provide agreed benefits without card present with valid date. In addition, because we only sell direct to the triathlete, you will be guaranteed excellent customer service with knowledgeable and experienced sales staff. Starting Line PT and Performance is dedicated to getting you back to participating in the sports you love.

    We are happy to support SheJams athletes by keeping them healthy throughout training and to their next Starting Line!

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    We are a sponsor of the Twilight 5k, the Dynamic Dirt Challenge, and many other local races. Private Swim Technique Sessions with Kirsten Read Whether your goal is to swim faster and more efficiently or just overcome anxiety in the water and find joy in recreational swimming, the end goal is always to connect with the water. Connecting with the water has to do with feeling and holding the water — and this is the crux of swimming technique. Have your stroke analyzed with underwater video.

    Comprehensive follow-up included in price of lesson. To schedule a service please just call or email marc bouldernordic.


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    Marc offers an all new service menu for the summer of Marc can be reached at marc bouldernordic. We can help you push the boundaries, and achieve more than you can imagine. We are trusted by athletes all over the world, more than anyone else, to get them out of the water ahead of the rest.

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