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Standard sauna sessions are minutes. Whether you're looking for detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, or skin health, our full spectrum infrared saunas deliver all of these with whole body health.

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Envelop yourself within our Cabin's chromotherapy, listen to music, enjoy complimentary Netflix, meditate to our Calm app, or simply unplug while you sweat. Float effortlessly within pristine, warm water mixed with nearly 1, pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt, creating a gravity-free healing environment for deep physical recovery and mental relaxation. We offer minute and minute Float sessions everyday, as well as minute Float Boosts Monday through Friday. Keep the float lid open, dim the lights, and play some tranquil music — or lower the lid for a womblike retreat - our customizable pod options help create your ultimate floating environment.

Live Up. Received my sauna, clearlight IS-3, Monday. Definitely takes two people to carry in the boxes, but I suppose you could unbox and carry in the panels individually. Anyway, I put it together by myself in about 90 minutes, again def recommend two people. Thank you!! Hi Matt, thanks for doing his post and updating as i am trying to make a decision.

One thing i was confused about is in one review you bash Radiant Saunas and in this one you recommend Radiant Health saunas highly. Are these two different manufacturers? Weird that they are so close in name if so. Can you clarify. Thanks and keep up the good work. Two totally different companies.

Those are junk…. Hi Matt, thanks for all this great work on testing saunas and sharing what you have learned. I have two questions. Just wanted to clarify because I am planning on purchasing one right away. Thanks very much!! Hello Matt!

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I am so happy you have taken the time to review some many saunas. Never heard of it.

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Just ask what the magnetic and electric fields are. If low, should be fine…. Can you please tell me whether you get good front coverage in any of these models? All three have some form of frontal infrared, some with larger heaters than others, but I get a good full body sweat in all of them. Do you have any idea? Let me check for you… What area specifically? We look forward to your suggestions we are looking to purchase 3 units to start with.

Thanks Nicci.

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Great sauna, Premier is all you need normally though. I like the idea of the salt walls, but not a fan of whitelabel imported saunas. Just ask what the electric fields are, in addition to the magnetic. Is there anyway I can send you what we bought for opinion? I too had all my amalgams removed to aid in healing. What makes you worry, are you feeling worse when using it? I have multiple co-infections and herx has been present in almost all my alternative treatments. Herx is pretty normal if too aggressive. There are so many little things that matter like binders, supps, detox pathways open, etc….

Thank you very much. Looks like I need a new sauna for treatments. I will be getting one of these 3 you reviewed. Just more money…yay. Thanks again for all the info and education on your site.

Great to have people like you. Is there a reason? Seems like another potential poor performer, but was curious what your opinion is. No idea where the interest comes from…. There are 3 types of potential EMF in any sauna, no matter the brand. I bought a thermal life sauna in from High Tech Health. There is quite a difference in the prices for the two person saunas and normally I would have assumed that meant the higher priced sauna was probably a better choice with these two models.

I really appreciate all your testing.. It has helped me make my decision and saved me a good chunk of money. We thought it would be a good sauna. Later we found your site, read the articles, watched the videos and wish we had seen it sooner. I called Radiant Health and spoke with Shannon. She gave me a-lot of information, helped me understand it, and there was no sales pressure.

Our delivery date was over a week away, so Amazon was able to intercept and cancel the order with no additional return charge. Our plan is to order the Radiant Health E-2H…tomorrow.

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Good you caught it! Its rare for me to specifically say to send a sauna back… but in this case, I would be telling you to send it back if you had it. Hi Matt, Thank you so much, this is so very helpful. Sounds like that is what I should do, but I wanted to check if you have ever tested it or have more info. Do you know of any portable ones that are safe, or should I just wait till I can get one of the ones you recommended? Thank you again! Thanks Matt! I hope your Maine trip is great! I am also looking at the Therasage portable.

Normally I just disregard all the collapsible ones because the ones I have encountered at health fairs etc. However I am intrigued with this one as Hippocrates sells it and I would hope they would be careful. I think I will get one of the Therasage heating pads first to test out as it is less of an investment.

Also if it is possible to get the Clearlight dome in the US do you have any info on that? Searching the internet I only found a European version but this week I will call the company to see if they sell it in the US. Hi Matt, My husband and I just started looking for a small sauna and looked first at Lowes Radiant, however as I researched it, realized it was the cheap knockoff version.

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I listened to your review and read the comments here, no so many have to do with Radiant Health, are people not purchasing this due to cost do you know? And do you know the approximate cost?

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E-2H is probably the most popular sauna out of every brand and model listed… a ton of people have bought them, they just usually email me or call Radiant Health direct. The Radiant Health is an excellent choice, and the sauna I find myself using the most in my house. Do you know if there is any financing options available for either of the recommendations? Yes if you watch the certified sauna list video, there are details about why each company is listed. Your best financing options will be with Clearlight. Heavenly Heat Saunas got a thumbs up from Oram Miller, so might be good to add.

They refuse to answer my question about electric fields and body voltage. I think Oram would be super pleased with my testing if it was around before he wrote that article. Yep, I have a video coming out for the Relax… electric and magnetic are sky high down at the heaters. No exceptions. Still searching currently…. Hi Matt, I have been really enjoying your reviews of saunas. We have just decided to get one and are not in any real hurry.

I was wondering if you plan on testing this or if you know if they use anyone else equipment that you tested. They are made in Appleton WI and when I looked at them on site, they seem to be well built. It just would be nice to get it locally. As seen in Figure 4, a peak electric field strength of You mention in the comments that the Premier model for 2p is at euros. This price corresponds to the Essential model, the Premier for 2 is at euros.